Hi, I'm April.

I'm a Ruby on Rails / Javascript developer.

  • Upworthy I do development across our web and analytics stacks in Rails, React.js, and Clojure. I'm digging using Functional Programming in our analytics stack, and I also love working with the very flexibile React.js on our front-end.
  • GoPro My projects included Backbone.js supported front-end applications such as the GoPro shopping cart, Pro Deals application portal, and Authorized Reseller hub. I also built RESTful API backends in Rails for GoPro XBOX apps.
  • Bloc.io I mentor junior developers to build and ship production Ruby on Rails app's.
  • Vanstaurant A Ruby on Rails CMS with wysiwyg editing for the world's coolest food truck.
  • SF Housing Stats A Mapjox.js experiment in visualizing San Francisco census data.
  • Four Legs Good A Rails and Backbone.js app to connect local dog owners for free pet sitting.

Hit me up if you'd like to build something together : )